Hopp til hovedinnholdet

Trilennials Study Trip June 2022

Mange prideflag og hender i været
Foto: Martin Fjellanger/ Oslo Pride

FINALLY! Welcome to Oslo! On this page you will find most of the information you need for the week.

Practical info
A white house on top of a hill, the Hostel
HI Oslo - Haraldsheim

We will be staying at Haraldsheim, Haraldsheimveien 4, 0587 Oslo.

We will also hold the sessions here, if other info is not given in the program.

There is a no alcohol policy at the Hostel, so please drink elsewhere.


The Bucharest Group:
Bucharest - Oslo 20th of June:

LH1419 Bucharest - Frankfurt 13:45 - 15:15
LH858 Frankfurt - Oslo 16:05 - 18:00

Oslo - Bucharest 24th of June:
LH 863 Oslo - Frankfurt 16:20 - 18:25
LH1422 Frankfurt - Bucharest 20:30 - 23:50

Oslo - Bucharest 26th of June:
LH 863 Oslo - Frankfurt 16:20 - 18:25
LH1422 Frankfurt - Bucharest 20:30 - 23:50

The Cluj Group:
Cluj - Oslo 20th of June:
LH1669 Cluj - Munich 14:05 - 14:50
LH2454 Munich - Oslo 15:55 - 18:05

Oslo - Cluj 24th of June:
LH2455 Oslo - Munich 18:55 - 21:10
LH1672 Munich - Cluj 22:00 - 00:40

Oslo - Cluj 26th of June:
LH2455 Oslo - Munich 18:55 - 21:10
LH1672 Munich - Cluj 22:00 - 00:40

Transport in Oslo

Airport transfer will be by a pre-booked bus for the whole group on the 20th and 26th. For those of you leaving on the 24th, you will get a ticket for the airport shuttle that leaves a five minute walk from the hostel.

You will each recieve a weekly pass for transport within the city center of Oslo. This will be valid for Subway, Buses, Trams and even the ferry to Hovedøya. For more information check out ruter.no. A pro tip is to download the #Ruter-app, it will help you to plan your individual travel. Remember to always bring your travel pass. Checks are frequent and the fee for not having a valid ticket is about 100 Euros.

Other relevant information

Prices are generally high in Norway, but convenience stores are a lot cheaper than kiosks and small shops. Be advised that a beer at a cafe/restaurant will cost you around 100 NOK/ 10 Euros.

Norwegians are quite time sensitive, so when the program states something starts at 12, it starts at 12. Be on time!

You can not buy alcohol in kiosks. Beer can be bought at convenience stores (until 20.00 on weekdays or 18:00 on Saturdays. No alchohol sold in stores on Sundays). For wine and spirits you need to go to Vinmonopolet.

Tap water in Norway is very good, and botteled water is expencive, so bring a water bottle.

Monday 20th

You will be picked up at the airport with a shuttle bus that will take you to Haraldsheim, where we are staying. Check the drop down menu above for flight-information.

19:30: Arrival Haraldsheim, check in

20:00: Dinner at Haraldsheim

21:00: Welcome to Oslo and short introduction to the rest of the week, meeting room Utsikten
We will go through the program, some practical stuff and answer questions you might have.

Tuesday 21st

07:00 - 09:00 Breakfast
Breakfast is served from 07:00, eat when you want

09:00 - 09:45 Expectations for the week, meeting room Utsikten
We will do a round where we state some expectations and wishes for the week.

10:00 - 12:00 Sex og Samfunn, meeting room Utsikten
Political Advisor in Sex og Samfunn, Anneli Rønes
will tell us about Sex og Samfunn and how they work, before we will divide into groups and work on a case and share experiences.

12.30 - 13:15 Lunch at Haraldsheim

13:15 Departure to city center

The tram will take us to Hausmannsgate, and then a short walk to visit:

14:00 - 16:00 The Eco-Agents
Chief Agent in The Eco Agents, Signe Lindbråten
will teach us about how the Eco-Agents have evolved, their new strategy and about how they work with empowerment, especially of kids. We will even meet some of the representatives from the Clildrens climate panel, who will tell us how they work. The Eco Agents share offices with Norges Naturvernforbund (Friends of Earth Norway), so we will get time to mingle a bit with them as well.

16:00- 17:30: A walk through Oslo
We will walk from the offices of The Eco-Agents, to Vippetangen where we will have dinner. It is a 35 minute walk, but we will walk slow and make stops, because it takes us past several sights and cool places in Oslo. Those who do not want to walk, will be able to take public transport instead.

17:30: Dinner
Aleppo Bahbek - authentic Syrian street food


ca 19:00 Visit to Hovedøya
The Oslo Archipelago is one of Oslos many gems, and a 30 minute ferry ride from Vippa will take you to Hovedøya where you will see Oslo from a different side. You can bring some drinks and snacks, and if you want to go swimming that is a possibility!

21:00: Suggested Return to Aker brygge and the city centre
The ferry leaves at regular intervals: check the schedule on ruter.no. Just make sure you don´t stay to late and have to spend the night on the Islands :)


11:00 - 21:00 Queer Sauna All Day Drop in

Wednesday 22nd

07:00-09:30 Breakfast
Breakfast is served from 07:00, eat when you want

09:45-11:45: Norwegian Youth Network for Sexual Politics (SNU), meeting room Utsikten
Thea and Ari from SNU
will teach us more about who SNU is, and how they work they work with consent laws and influence politicians and the public opinion of consent in Norway. We´ll also have a quiz. With prices!

12:00 Departure to Ekebergsletta where we will visit:

12:45 - 15:45 Tons of Rock - Norways largest rock and metal festival

In Norway a lot of music festivals have a large volunteer base. We will talk to the head of the festival, Jørgen Gustavsen, about the blend of professional, semi professional and volunteer actors that are needed to make festival magic happen. We will meet with volunteers and talk to them about their engagement.

ca 13:45: We have lunch with the volunteers backstage at the festival

ca 16:00: Departure to city center

16:30 - 18:45: Pride Park Treasure Hunt
A large number of NGOs are present in the Pride Park - see list in the link (scroll for English). We will visit the park and talk to a number of organisations and hopefully find both material and relational treasures.

19:00: Dinner at Frivillighet Norges rooftop
Dinner at Frivillighet Norges offices, hopefully at the roof top terrace.

Thursday 23rd

07:00 - 09:15: Breakfast
Breakfast is served from 07:00, eat when you want

09:30: Travel to city center to go to Frivillighet Norges office

10:00- 12:45 Frivillighet Norge, meeting room 1st floor
Yesterdays Treasure Hunt - what did we find?
Preparations for Pride House - how do we frame the conversation? We work in groups to find good questions to use in the conversation this evening.

Stian Slotterøy Johnsen - Secretary General of Frivillighet Norge
will meet us around 12:00

ca 13:00 Lunch at Jaipur

14:00: Travel to Tøyen where we will meet:

14:30 - 16:00 LNU and OD
Political Advisor in LNU Silje Brekke Bakken
, and Head of OD Magnhild Beate Orvik will meet with us and teach us more about how they work and how they became engaged in volunteerwork and activism. We´ll also get to see their offices, that are located in Frivillighetshuset - a house where several NGOs are gathered.

ca 16:15
: Departure to Jernbanetorget and a short walk to go for a visit at:

17:00 - 18:00 ZERO
Communications Advisor in ZERO, Aurora Mykkeltveit
, will meet us and we´ll learn more about ZERO (Zero Emission Resource Organisation)and how they work to ensure that everyone can contribute and become part of the solution.

Snacks will be served, since dinner is late today.

18:30 - 20:00 Queer movement in Romania, at Pride House
We are going to participate in a conversation about Pride-backlash and intersectionalism. Mingling before and after is an option.

21:00: Dinner at Habibi

Friday 24th

07:00 - 09:30 Breakfast
Breakfast is served from 07:00, eat when you want

10:00 - 12:30 Summary, meeting room Utsikten
We go through the week, discuss outputs and evaluate.

13:00: Lunch
Buffet Lunch at Haraldsheim

13:30: Departure for those leaving today
The people leaving on Friday will be issued with tickets for the airport express bus that leaves a five minute walk from Haraldsheim.

After lunch:
Meeting with partners. The rest of the day is for meeting up with your existing Norwegian partners, arranging meeting with new ones or seeing Oslo. It's up to you.

17:45 - 18: 45 Dinner at Haraldsheim


19:00 - 20:30: In The Name of Hope - Grafitti Art from Iran to Oslo
An evening of talks that explore the striking - and perhaps surprising - similarities between graffiti, street art and freedom of expression in Iran and Oslo.

Saturday 25th

07:00- 09:30 Breakfast
Breakfast is served from 07:00, eat when you want

12:00-> We will participate in and/or watch the Oslo Pride Parade
The parade starts at 13:00 and, depending on the number of participants, concludes approximately 3 hours later. After the parade, there will be a parade show in Pride Park.

There are a lot of people in the city center this Saturday, so make sure you leave ample time to get there. Public transport is affected.

Practical info about the parade
(scroll down for English)

After the parade there is no official program, but you can use the time to meet with partners, visit Pride Park and talk to organisations or check out other sides of Oslo.

Food: Oslo Street Food
Everyone will get a voucher for Oslo Street food, so you can fit the meals to your schedule for Saturday.

Sunday 26th

07:30 - 10:00 Breakfast and check out
Breakfast is served from 07:30, eat when you want.

-> 12:45: Time to meet partners or do other activities

12:45 Lunch at Haraldsheim

13:30 Departure to airport with shuttle from Haraldsheim
See the practical info page for flights.

Suggestions for optional evening activities

There are several festivals, concerts, activities, workshops and events in Oslo this week. These are just some suggestions for free activities and arenas. There are also a lot of parties and other events, but many of them will have a cover charge.

Free activities (note - dates will vary)

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