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Trilennials Study Trip May 2023

A group of people sitting on charis in a circle. One person stands in the circle leading an exercise
Last years group doing an exercise. Foto: Frivillighet Norge, Marte Oraug Skogtrø

Welcome to Oslo! On this page you will find most of the information you need for the week.

Practical info
A white house on top of a hill, the Hostel
HI Oslo - Haraldsheim

We will be staying at Haraldsheim, Haraldsheimveien 4, 0587 Oslo.

We will also hold the sessions here, if other info is not given in the program.

There is a no alcohol policy at the Hostel, so please drink elsewhere.


Bucharest - Oslo 22.05.2023

LO 642 from OTP at 14.35
Arrival at WAW: 15:25
LO 483
from WAW at 16:50
Arrival at OSL at 18.55

Oslo - Bucharest 27.05.2023

LO 482 from OSL at 10.15
Arrival at WAW: 12.15
LO 645
from WAW at 14.35
Arrival at OTP at 17:30

Everyone has one piece of checked luggage (max 23 kgs) and one piece of carry on (max 8 kgs) included in the ticket. If you want more luggage, you will have to pay it yourself.

Transport in Oslo

Airport transfer will be by a pre-booked bus for the whole group on the arrival and departure dates.

You will each recieve a weekly pass for transport within the city center of Oslo. This will be valid for Subway, Buses, Trams and even the ferry to the islands. For more information check out ruter.no. A pro tip is to download the #Ruter-app, it will help you to plan your individual travel. Remember to always bring your travel pass. Checks are frequent and the fee for not having a valid ticket is about 100 Euros.

Other relevant information

Prices are generally high in Norway, but convenience stores are a lot cheaper than kiosks and small shops. Be advised that a beer at a cafe/restaurant will cost you around 100 NOK/ 10 Euros.

Norwegians are quite time sensitive, so when the program states something starts at 12, it starts at 12. Be on time!

You can not buy alcohol in kiosks. Beer can be bought at convenience stores (until 20.00 on weekdays or 18:00 on Saturdays. No alchohol sold in stores on Sundays). For wine and spirits you need to go to Vinmonopolet.

Tap water in Norway is very good, and botteled water is expencive, so bring a water bottle.

Monday 22nd of May

Arrival at OSL at 18:55

You will be picked up at the airport with a shuttle bus that will take you to Haraldsheim, where we are staying. Check the drop down menu above for flight-information.

ca 20:00 Arrival Haraldsheim, check in

20:30 Dinner at Haraldsheim

ca 21:00 Welcome to Oslo and short introduction to the rest of the week, meeting room Glassgården
We will go through the program, some practical stuff and answer questions you might have.

Tuesday 23rd of May

07:00 - 09:30 Breakfast
Breakfast is served from 07:00, eat when you want

09:30 - 10:00 Frivillighet Norges history and main objectives
Secretary General in Frivillighet Norge, Stian Slotterøy Johnsen will give a short introduction to Frivillighet Norge, our history and main objectives. Q&A.

ca 10:00 - 11:30 Expectations for the week, meeting room Glassgården
We will do a round where we state some expectations and wishes for the outcome of this week.

From 12:00 Lunch buffet @Haraldsheim

12:50 Departure for the City Center
We walk together to the tram stop. The tram leaves at 13.05.

13:30 - 16:00 Caritas - Oslo ressurssenter
We will visit Caritas resource center for immigrants, where we will meet volunteers, employees and learn more about what they offer and how they work. There will be a short introduction about Caritas before we split into smaller groups for Q&A-stations with representatives from different projects and parts of Caritas Norge. Themes we will address in the groups: language- and occupational training for immigrants , women and equality, health, cooperation between Romania and Norway and volunteering as a way of getting paid work in Norway.

16:30 - 18:30 A walk through Oslo / Time for sightseeing
We will walk to Vippetangen where we will have dinner. It is a 30 minute walk, but we will walk slow and make stops, because it takes us past several sights and cool places in Oslo. Those who do not want to walk, will be able to take public transport instead.

19:00 Dinner @Vippa
Everyone will receive vouchers for food and drinks, and order directly from the booths at Vippa. Many vegan and vegetarian options.

Wednedsay 24th of May

07:00 - 09:30 Breakfast
Breakfast is served from 07:00, eat when you want

09:30 - 12:30 NOAH and NU, meeting room Glassgården
Both NOAH and NU are organizations that do a lot of activism and advocacy work. They will do short introductions of their organizations and important projects they work on. After the presentations we will divide into smaller groups and do Q&As and workstations with representatives from both organizations.

12:30 Lunch buffet @Haraldsheim

14:00 - ca 17:30 Meeting time / Study Visits
In smaller groups we visit relevant organizations. We also encourage that you try to book your own meetings with organizations and initiatives you would like to meet.
You will be split into four groups according to interests and visit:
Kirkens Bymisjon, Bymisjonssenteret in Herslebsgate 43, 0578 Oslo (Google Maps)
Fremtiden i våre hender
in Økernveien 94, 0579 Oslo (Google Maps)
Sex & Politikk
in Christian Kroghs gate 43, 0186 Oslo (Google Maps)

Dinner @Mathallen

Everyone will get a voucher for 300 NOK Mathallen, so you can fit the meal to your schedule for the afternoon.

Thursday 25th of May

07:00 - 09:30 Breakfast
Breakfast is served from 07:00, eat when you want

09:15 Departure for City Center

10:00 - 13.00 Workshop with Skeiv Verden part 1

13:00 Lunch @Mela
Middle eastern lunch buffet

14:30 - 16.00 Workshop with Skeiv Verden part 2

16:30 - ca 19.30/20:30 Skeiv Verden Queer Cafe Romanian night or Geitmyra Culinary Center for Children

A small group will stay with Skeiv Verden and prepare a Romanian feast for the evenings Queer Cafe. This is a weekly low threshold meetup for people, where food is served and people can talk and hang out. People from the queer community in Oslo will participate. This will be todays dinner.

The rest of the group will go to Geitmyra Culinary Center for Children where you will hear about their work and participate in an adapted version of their cooking classes. Produce from Geitmyras own garden will be used in the cooking. We will meet junior chefs and junior gardeners educated at Geitmyra. This will be todays dinner.

Friday 26th of May

07:00 - 09:30 Breakfast
Breakfast is served from 07:00, eat when you want

09:30 - 12:30 Norm creative crash course with JM Norway, meeting room Glassgården
Norm creative crash course is an interactive workshop where we explore how norms can create inclusion and exclusion, and work creatively on how we can build new and inclusive norms. We will work both in plenary and in smaller groups and use examples from our own organizations. Together we will reflect on how we can create space for groups that are underrepresented in our organizations and make room for greater diversity.

12.30 Lunch buffet @Haraldsheim

14.00 - 16.00 Reflections / Outcome of the week, meeting room Glassgården
We do a plenary session where we reflect on what we have experienced this week and how we can utilize it in our own work.

ca 16:30 Departure to Ekebergparken

17:30 - 19:00 Guided Tour through the Ekeberg Sculpture Garden
The sculpture Garden is a collection of classical sculptures from the 19th and early 20th century and sculptures and installations by contemporary artists. Since its opening in 2013, it has become an important contribution to Oslo and Norway’s public art scene. The park has received wide recognition both domestically and abroad and attracts a large international professional audience. Shortly after opening the Wall Street Journal featured Ekebergparken as one of the world’s five best sculpture parks.

19:00 - ca 21:00 Dinner @Ekebergrestauranten
Ekebergrestauranten is located in the hills just above Oslo, with a stunning view of the inner Oslo fjord, the city and the Operahouse.
The original restaurant was built as early as 1916 and in 1927, Oslo architect Lars Backer won the competition to design the new Ekeberg restaurant. Two years after the competition, one of Europe's leading international style buildings was completed. Today, the building is protected and the renovation of the building is based on the idea of ​​preserving the classic, but modernizing for a new era.

Last evening dinner. A three course set menu. Vegetarian and vegan alternatives.

Saturday 27th of May

07:00 - 07:45 Breakfast
Breakfast is served from 07:00, eat when you want

08:00 The airport transfer leaves the hostel
The transfer leaves at 08.00, in order to have ample time at the airport before departure. Make sure to be on time.

Suggestions for optional evening activities

These are just some suggestions for activities and cool arenas that have different events. Some are free, others have a cover charge.



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