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Speed course in volunteerism

Get familiar with volunteerism in Norway and find out how you can join!

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There are so many nice organizations you can join.

Penelope Lea
Volunteer in Miljøagentene in Oslo

Give of your time and get something valuable in return!

What do you find engaging? Would you like to do it together with other people in a voluntary organization? You can make new friends and get to know other people by volunteering in an organization. You learn something new. You increase your knowledge and gain experience and a network that can benefit you in your career and in your spare time.

I thought about how useful I was after I was recruited to Norwegian People's Aid.

Nour Aburashid
Volunteer in Norwegian People's Aid youth organisation in Larvik

Volunteer organizations

In Norway, there are approximately 100,000 volunteer organizations. In these organizations, we collaborate on issues that are important to us. These can range from singing in a choir to creating a children’s theatre, conserving the environment, helping kids with their homework or being of assistance to people with suffering from substance abuse.

Volunteerism means that you give of your own time to a specific cause or community, without expecting payment. Over 60 % of people in Norway make an effort to volunteer, be it small or large, in the course of one year. This contribution makes voluntary organizations an important pillar in the Norwegian society, with thousands of small and large communities creating values amounting up to billions.

I feel that no job is too small, and no job is to big either. It's all work that has to done, be it cooking or baking, or thrash collection or cleaning up.

Marit Nerland
Volunteer in Molde Janitsjar and Molde og Omegn Idrettsforening

You can also join!

Volunteering is something anyone can do! You can join alone, with other people, or maybe with your friends and family. When you’re participating as a volunteer, you’re doing it together with other people who share the same interests as you. You’re contributing to the goal of the organization you’re participating in, by being a resource for others and creating impact in your local community!

How can I join?


    Search in our member organizations

    We have over 300 member organizations with tens of thousands of local branches nationwide. See if you can find anything that interests you!


    Find a volunteer opportunity on Frivillig.no

    Frivillig.no gathers thousands volunteer opportunities from all over the country. - Through the portal Frivillig.no, organizations recruit new volunteers. Many people find their preferred activity and organization through Frivillig.no. It’s free of use and anyone wants to volunteer, can use it. Volunteer organizations increase their outreach by using Frivillig.no. Many of those who are young and have a minority background use Frivillig.no.

Does it cost anything?

Voluntary organizations offer many free, or reasonably priced activities that you can join. Sometimes you might need certain equipment to be able to participate in an activity, e.g. in sports or to join a band. Often, it is possible to borrow equipment from the organization or a lending central in your municipality, free of charge. If you want to sign on to a membership in an organization, it is common to pay a membership fee. Many organizations offer various discounts, such as “sibling-discount”, also, there are arrangements through which the membership fees can be subsidized. Find out which arrangements are available in the municipality you live in.

Plastic containers, fishing gear, fishing traps, fish farming ropes, chairs, needles, Q-tips, rubber granules from football pitches, shoes, clothes. There's no limit to what we find.

Kurt Kristiansen
Volunteer in Vi Rydder Askøy

What do you gain from volunteering?

By participating in a voluntary organization, you get to join a community where you gain a new network, knowledge, experiences and create memories. By giving, you receive just as much in return, if not more!

I started this organisation with the goal to help children and youths that arrives in Norway as refugees. Help them to get integrated in established sports. Because that's where I got integrated.

Richard Kiwanuka
Volunteer in Way forward and Bring children from streets in Bergen

What is the role of volunteerism in Norway?

Volunteerism is a valuable component of the Norwegian society and has been so for a long time. Volunteers were the pioneers behind important parts of the Norwegian welfare model and the development of our democracy. There are many organizations that are committed to working for equal rights for everyone, to taking care of our culture and environment, provide meaningful leisure activities for children, youth and adults, and to care for the elderly and the sick.

Read facts on volunteerism

There are so many people that needs help, and I would love to be involved in such things

Ziad Altaha
Volunteer in Mandal Red Cross and Norwegian People's Aid in Mandal

Who is Frivillighet Norge?

Frivillighet Norge (The Association of NGOs in Norway) is a membership organization with over 300 Norwegian voluntary organizations as members, constituting tens of thousands of local branches nationwide. Our members range from the largest organizations in the voluntary sector, to the smallest. See a full overview of our members.

Our mission is to create a greater space for voluntary activity and organizations. This is why we:

  • Arrange courses and create meeting spaces for voluntary organizations
  • Work for greater economic and political terms for the voluntary sector

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