About the Association of NGOs in Norway

The Association of NGOs in Norway (Frivillighet Norge) is a forum organization for the voluntary sector in Norway, founded in September 2005. The mission of the Association is to coordinate the voluntary sector’s dialogue with the authorities on issues that are common to the voluntary sector, and to voice the voluntary sector’s opinions to the public and the authorities. Another important task is to produce information and give advice to the member organizations.

Some of our current issues are VAT and the voluntary sector, new public register for Norwegian NGOs, more research on the voluntary sector, as well as inclusion of the immigrant population in the voluntary sector.

Currently, the Association of NGOs in Norway consists of more than 300 member organizations, including all sectors of society (organizations for children, youth and grown-ups, sports, culture, humanitarian work, religious congregations, music, theatre, etc).

The Assiciation of NGOs in Norway is a member of ENNA (The European Network of National Civil Society Associations) and CIVICUS (World Alliance for Citizen Participation).

For more information about our goals and the issues we are working with now, see our Voluntary sector policy platform.

The voluntary sector in Norway consists of 115 000 non-governmental and non-profit organizations. The majority of organizations are based locally, have no employees and very small financial means.

There are 10 million memberships in NGOs and 80 % of Norwegians are members of one or more organization(s).

48 % of the grown-up Norwegian population participates in voluntary work annually. The total contribution of Norwegian volunteers is equivalent to 115 000 full time employees.

36 % of the funding of the voluntary sector comes from central and local governments, 7 % comes from private donors, and 57 % of the funding comes from membership fees and sales.

If you want to get in touch with us, send an e-mail to post@frivillighetnorge.no. Unfortunately we are not in the position of offering voluntary positions. If you are looking for such opportunities, we recommend that you contact an NGO directly by using the contact list that displays our member organisations or visit www.ngonorway.org.