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Nordic Network: Combatting loneliness

The Combatting loneliness network is a theme-specific network for NGOs, sharing experience and knowledge across the Nordic borders. In this page, participants can find information and presentations from previous meetings as well as information about forthcoming meetings.

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Background and information

The Nordic Platform was established as a result of the Nordic Summit for Civil Society in 2021, which displayed a great interest in thinking about civil society in the social area across the Nordic region and revealed an immense potential in strengthening cross-Nordic cooperation between civil society actors working with people in socially vulnerable positions.

The knowledge and perspectives from the Summit process were collected in the Road Maps 2022+, which included 11 recommendations for creating stronger Nordic civil societies in the social area. One of the recommendations was to establish a strong platform for civil society organizations in the social sector across the Nordic region to enhance networking, sharing of knowledge, and inspiration.

There are five networks for knowledge sharing with different topics. Combatting loneliness is one of these. It is coordinated by Frivillighet Norge and consists of around 40 participants from all Nordic countries. To include all countries, the operating language is English.

Forthcoming meetings

There are two scheduled meetings left for this network:

  • 29th of August 13-15 CET
  • 17th of October 13-15 CET

Invitations with online links will be sent out accordingly.

Meeting 2: 7th of May 2024

This meeting included presentations of the members, presentations from professionals and discussion in groups.



Meeting 1: 15th of February 2024

This was the first meeting in the network and included a combination of presentations from professionals within the social field and discussions in groups.



Useful links and resources


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